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Cielo Scoops

Favorites Bundle (Four Pints w/ Free 2 Day Shipping)

Favorites Bundle (Four Pints w/ Free 2 Day Shipping)

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Ready for a scoop of pure bliss? This flavor-filled bundle offers the perfect mix of your favorite sweet treats! Enjoy one full pint each of Cookies & Cream, Vanilla and Strawberry - all with delicious Coconut bases. And when you need something totally special – reach for Chocolate Luxury's Almond base to indulge in an extra layer of creamy decadence!
  • Cookies & Cream (One Pint) (Coconut Base)
  • Vanilla (One Pint) (Coconut Base)
  • Strawberry (One Pint) (Coconut Base)
  • Chocolate Luxury (One Pint) (Almond Base)

*Ice Cream will be shipped UPS Priority Two Day Shipping in a cooler with Dry Ice*

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