About Us

Cielo Scoops is an artisanal premium plant based ice cream company. We make premium ice cream that has the best ingredients we can find, we incorporate seasonal varieties and offer frozen desserts like no one else can.
Our gourmet ice cream makes all the kewl kids happy. Enjoy a dessert that is free from harmful ingredients and gives everyone, even those with allergies or dietary restrictions, options to enjoy with the rest of the family.
Cielo Scoops was founded in 2020 and acquired by Marcus & Cara Pitts in 2022.  Cielo Scoops is a proud black, woman and hub certified business. 
We are steadfast and committed to making the most delicious and creative premium plant based ice cream you have ever tasted. Our company wants to make a positive impact on the communities in which we live.
Welcome to the Cielo Scoops Family.
South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
HUB Certified